steep trail basecamp

Polarcap are pleased to announce the opening of their two year long Steep Trail project by establishing their Basecamp event at John Muir Country Park and West Barns Studios.

Delegates will be invited to engage in a weekend session of informed walks around the country park area on the Saturday followed by discussions and presentations at West Barns Studios on Sunday.

Discussions will revolve around the influence of John Muir, the relevance of his example and how artists, scientists and environmentalists may come together to share ideas and make plans. Steep Trail is an evolving project that aims to bring people from different disciplines together to make connections between their diverse specialities and to forge lasting connections and collaborations. Muir’s example of direct discussion with the people that he met in his travels and in his working life provide the role model for these meetings.

Art /Eco labs will be held in Dunbar, Edinburgh, Fife and Aberdeen over a period of one year and will discuss 21st Century issues and shared concerns across both the sciences and the arts. Working alongside our principal partners Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Fife Contemporary Arts and Crafts, we will be discussing conservation and sustainability, protecting and restoring the planet’s ecology and climate and the role of contemporary art in helping to foster a dialogue. Basecamp is the first of such meetings and will be the first point of contact between the invited speakers and participants. In 2012 the project will involve a Scotland China artists exchange, exhibitions, a conference and a publication.

Steep Trail labs will be a physical and metaphorical journey for the participants. It is rooted in the idea that art does something, that it has a functionality and purpose and can enact some form of change either through critique, exposing truths or merely through the nature of its existence in that site in the first place.

basecamp participants

Polarcap (Graeme Todd and Liz Adamson)

Jo Moulin, Manager of John Muir Birthplace

Dr Mark Huxham, Marine Biologist, Napier University

Sarah Madden, Dept .Psychology, Open University

Professor Gabi Hegerl, Climatoligist, Dept of Geosciences, Edinburgh University

Jon Owen, Artist

Dee Davison, Consultant and Marine Biologist, one of the founders of Dynamic Earth

Susan Mowatt, Artist, lecturer, eca

Morag Haddow, Sustaining Dunbar

Mike Windle, Artist, lecturer eca

Chris Fremantle, Reseach fellow Grays School of Art, Aberdeen